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Brand Ambassadors

A global paint manufacturer partnered with Aquent to help boost sales of its leading designer paint brand at the world’s largest home improvement retailer by designing and implementing a Brand Ambassador program.


The country’s waning economy coupled with a lack of attention to personal customer service and quality assurance efforts had caused a global paint manufacturer’s leading designer brand to experience decreased sales at its flagship North American retailer. The paint manufacturer wanted to combat this trend by placing in-store Brand Ambassadors to heighten brand recognition and drive sales.

Aquent Solution

Leveraging a growing partnership with the retailer, Aquent outlined a detailed program and staffing plan that included providing a pre-trained team of merchandising and design experts, targeting the highest-traffic retail locations, and scoping the reporting and feedback processes. The manufacturer then initiated a test round in which it placed thirteen Brand Ambassadors across forty retail locations for sixteen weeks. The Brand Ambassadors not only ensured that the paint displays were fully stocked, unobstructed, and well lit, but also interacted directly with shoppers. The ambassadors assisted shoppers in choosing paint colors, matching finishes, and learning specialty painting techniques, all the while educating shoppers on the advantages of using the designer brand. They also worked directly with the retail chain’s associates to make sure they understood the product line and were able to effectively respond to subsequent shopper inquiries.


At the conclusion of the sixteen-week test program, the paint manufacturer saw its sales increase by $250,000 across the forty stores where Brand Ambassadors had been placed. Many of the shoppers recommended the experience to others. The paint manufacturer enjoyed the extra quality assurance and personal customer service dedicated to its brand and was thrilled with Aquent’s talent—so much so that it is expanding the program to one hundred Brand Ambassadors spanning three hundred stores next year, and will use the first round of Aquent talent to train the next Aquent Brand Ambassadors.

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