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Brand Launch

Brand Launch

Aquent helped a leading consumer packaged goods company find the interim marketing talent it needed to develop a new brand strategy and successfully relaunch its premier cookie brand.


A large consumer packaged goods company with a diversified product lineup wanted to reposition and reinvigorate one of its proven premier cookie brands. The client had total confidence in the product and believed that modernizing outdated packaging and improving in-store visibility would further increase sales. The client lacked the bandwidth to effectively execute the relaunch. It needed to find outside experts who could develop new packaging, breathe new life into the product, and give point-of-sale materials a much-needed face-lift.

Aquent Solution

Aquent recommended that the client take the cost-effective approach of employing the services of an experienced interim brand strategist for the project. Aquent promptly identified and provided a consumer packaged goods veteran with more than 20 years’ experience in launching major brand initiatives in competitive and fast-paced environments. Because the talent was a seasoned product manager who could work full time on the project, the team was able to quickly reposition the brand. The client utilized the talent’s outside-the-box thinking and fresh insights to repackage the cookie line and refocus marketing efforts at the point of sale to get customers excited about buying the cookies.


The client developed a consistent brand and marketing strategy across all channels, revitalized the brand, and got the cookie line to market quickly to remain competitive. By redefining the client’s brand, updating point-of-sale materials, and improving shelf position, Aquent’s talent made it easier for customers to find the high-margin cookies in stores—ultimately resulting in increased revenues.

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