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Market Research Analysis

Market Research Analysis

Aquent quickly identified the hard-to-find talent that a leading provider of independent investment research data needed to replace its outgoing market research analyst.


A global publisher of investment reports and newsletters needed to replace its full-time market research analyst. It had a very high volume of work and needed a confident self-starter who could get up to speed quickly with very little direction. Because there were no qualified internal candidates for the position, the company decided to outsource its staffing needs. The marketing department’s hiring manager contacted Aquent to identify potential candidates.

Aquent Solution

Having already placed more than 15 print production and design talent within the client’s creative group, Aquent had a solid understanding of the company’s internal processes and staffing needs. Aquent’s account director (AD) leveraged the existing relationship and was placed on the short list of staffing providers. With the knowledge of this group’s unique requirements, the AD was able to recommend two strong contract candidates from Aquent’s pool of market research talent within 72 hours. The client’s final choice from the two had more than 10 years of marketing research experience and demonstrated success conducting research initiatives, including questionnaire design, data preparation and analysis, and report generation.


Aquent’s talent ably filled the shoes of the outgoing analyst—helping to minimize the loss the marketing department felt after the departure of a valuable member. Aquent’s talent utilized his expertise with SurveyPro and SPSS to embrace his new role and excel at performing a range of customer satisfaction and competitive analysis duties. Having a dedicated AD gave Aquent leverage over other providers when the marketing group needed to find talent quickly. An ability to identify top-notch talent that met the hiring manager’s expectations gave Aquent credibility, especially in a competitive market where analysts are difficult to find. Aquent’s talent has been successfully employed with the client for almost a year, and the hiring manager is thrilled with his performance and level of commitment.

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