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Specialized Creative Services Team

Specialized Creative Services Team

Aquent provided a leading entertainment satellite company the creative services talent it needed to produce differentiated point-of-purchase and in-store advertising to support its national retailers.


Prior to each quarter end, the retail marketing group of a top California-based satellite provider needed to produce in-store advertising that could be easily used by its national retailers, including large consumer electronic chains and smaller mom-and-pop stores. Ads had to be tailored for individual retailers, requiring many versions to be created from an existing template. At the same time, the ads needed to be produced quickly in order to meet tight deadlines. The provider’s creative services team lacked the capacity to take on these fast-turnaround ads, and its outside agency was focused on creating national broadcast and media campaigns, sometimes resulting in the delayed delivery of completed ads to retailers.

Aquent Solution

The satellite company’s creative director approached Aquent to discuss building a dedicated creative services team that could create ads and in-store displays exclusively for its national network of retailers. Having successfully partnered with the provider for nearly 15 years, Aquent thoroughly understood its markets and customers, and was able to quickly identify and place a team of four highly qualified creative services professionals. Each member of Aquent’s team—a creative director, a copywriter, an art director, and a designer—had 15–20 years of ad agency experience and was able to immediately produce creative that could support all its retailers.


The creative produced by Aquent’s talent has been so effective that the client has grown the team to more than 20 members in less than one year. Because the team is hired on a project basis, and therefore scalable during peak and non-peak times, the client saved more than $2 million last year. By focusing exclusively on the needs of retailers, Aquent’s talent can produce ads that get to market quickly—even overnight— and in some cases, the creative was so well received that is was used by the provider’s outside agency. The client has been so satisfied with first-year results that it has extended the team’s contract for at least another year.

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