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The Insights You Need to Successfully Market to Tweens and Teens

The Insights You Need to Successfully Market to Tweens and Teens

Understanding the youth market is crucial for any company attempting to capture the attention of today's tween and teen consumers. The lives and minds of this dynamic group are ever-changing, so it's essential to gain a better understanding of our youth today before launching your next youth-oriented product or marketing campaign.

During this webcast Brenda Hurley of C&R Research will tell you:

  • What tweens and teens do with their free time
  • What is important in their lives today
  • Their relationship with technology and its role in their lives
  • Their engagement with social issues
  • Where they get their money and the power of their spending
  • How today's economy is impacting them
  • How they find out about new products
  • Ways to reach this illusive audience

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