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Web Portal Development

Aquent helped a health care staffing agency develop a Web portal to drive industry professionals to its public site and increase the number of online registrants.


One of the United States’ largest providers of health care staffing services wanted to develop a business unit portal to help drive traffic to its public site and ultimately increase the number of travel and per diem nursing and health care professionals who registered their services with them online. Because the client was eager to launch the site, it needed to quickly identify and hire a team of competent Web content and design professionals. The client understood that the portal had to include compelling and frequently updated content to keep visitors coming back and ultimately persuade them to register online.

Aquent Solution

Aquent leveraged its global reach to quickly identify a team of copywriters, editors, and designers from its pool of qualified interactive creative specialists. The team that Aquent assembled included two writers from New York, a senior editor based in Chicago, and a team of Florida-based designers, who immediately began to work on creating a look and feel for the new portal. Aquent’s team also took the lead on a wide range of development-related activities, including original content development, editorial strategy, staff management, content management, and site promotion.


In less than a year, the portal became one of the top five referring sites for each of the client’s four business units. The client was extremely impressed with the efficiency and professional nature of Aquent’s talent. The portal has helped drive visitors to the client’s site and increase its bottom-line profits. Because final project costs were under budget and, most likely, lower than what might have been expected had the microsite’s development been outsourced, the client was able to realize a greater return on its creative investment.

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