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Reports & Guides

Providing valuable insights relating to the changing nature of the digital workforce.

We make it our mission to give our clients and Talent valuable insights, reports and resources to help navigate their way through the changing needs of the marketing, creative and development industry.

Salary guides

2024 Salary Guide

Our 2024 Salary Guide provides you with a benchmark for french salaries today, including permanent and contract rates for creative, marketing and digital roles.


Market Insights

Talent Insights Report: The Renaissance of Teamwork

​​Dive into the art of high-performing teams. Get access to the drivers of high-performing teams, their key differences and actionable insights to set your team up for success. In today's rapidly shifting world of work, this is an essential read for leaders.


Part One – Employee Experience 3.0: Creating a Workplace That Works

Learn about the rise of digital nomads, employee preferences and concerns about hybrid and remote work, and insights to create an employee experience that meets the needs of Talent now and in the future.


Part Two – Employee Experience 3.0: Decoding the Future of Pay

From cryptocurrency to on-demand pay, salary preferences are changing fast. Decode the future of pay and gain the insights you need to stay competitive.


Diversity Insights

Part One – Diversity Toolkit: Shift Your DEI Efforts

When you're making moves to create a more diverse workplace, it's not always easy to shift your DEI efforts into the next phase. Download Part 1 of our Diversity Toolkit to get a 6-step plan to gain stakeholder buy-in and turn intention into action.


Part Two – Diversity Toolkit: Shift Your DEI Efforts

Shift your diversity efforts with our actionable reports to help move your company's diversity goals forward. Download Part 2 of our Diversity Toolkit to turn real data into real change, and get a 3-step plan to conduct an equity audit.


Part Three – Diversity Toolkit: Shift Your DEI Efforts

The stats are clear. Diversity makes good business sense. If you're ready to make real progress on DEI download Part 3 of our Diversity Toolkit to go from employer, to employer of choice. Get our checklist for attracting and retaining diverse talent.


Other resources

How to get Started with Digital Accessibility

Accessibility is a critical and often-overlooked element of digital design. This guide provides an introduction to digital accessibility, including whose responsibility it is, the skills you need when hiring and the steps you can take to improve accessibility for your organisation.

Candidate Interview Worksheet

Streamline the candidate evaluation process. Our worksheet contains top hiring manager interview questions and focus areas for interview notes to help you identify high performers and hire the right talent to elevate your team.